The Only Complete Resource for Dealing With The Devastating Disease of Addiction.
 Absolutely Free!
* very limited seating - only 1000 spots for each webinar we do... *
 One of the most important helpful books ever published for your family‘s health. This book can be of priceless value to you.

Your Local Time: 6:30 PM
Your Local Time: 6:30 PM
If you are exhausted by the stress and pressure of every day living
Immobilize by indecisive anxiety or a constant fear of failure
or depressed by the fear of losing the person you love the most. 

My Kid's on Drugs. Now What?: The Only Complete Resource for Dealing with the Devastating Disease of Addiction

Only 1000 Spots

Very limited webinar...
"It's the First book on Sobriety That Really Made Sense To Me."  Thanks Adam! 
Amanda, New Hampshire

Jasinski speaks from a place both professional and personal.

Adam Jasinski
Winner of CBS Reality Show
 "Big Brother"

Author, Interventionist, Public Speaker, and Professional Consultant. On a mission to help families as well as those battling drug addiction and mental illness.
Jasinski's Comprehensive advice doesn't hold Punches. No Cookie Cutter, Kumbaya, generalized answers here.


Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing with an Addict in Your Life

How to identify the 42 Rules You Must Never Break when Dealing with Addiction

10 tips for family members to stop enabling an addict

How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of deep Drug Addiction

Understanding drug use, drug abuse, and addiction

Why do some drug users become addicted, while others don’t?
“ I know that I never want to go back to where I was, and that desire has driven the course of my life and allowed me to discover the patterns and tips I’m going to share with you now. “ -Adam Jasinski
"Quite Simply, The Best Explained Book Ever Released on Sobriety." -Janet, Miami FL.

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